Sunday, July 17, 2005

Links to old files

Of course this move shouldn't mean that you no longer can get to the old mp3's, so here they are:

A New Meaning
Deceiving Us
God is Dead
Caught in this Nightmare
Beyond the door
Way of the Wheel
Live the Lie
The Past is a Lie

Four-track demo

Too Late
Turn the Tide
The Road
Speak to Me

Hollow a.k.a Stand or Fall

Stand or Fall
My Vision Fails
Break the Chain
When the Night is Over


Motherfucker said...

Excellent!!! Thanks a lot!

Which is the release date of the 4-track demo? From where are the old files (A New meaning etc.)

Stoltz said...

The demo is old. Early nineties, I'd guess. The title A New Meaning has never been released on an album.

Motherfucker said...

I am asking about the 9 songs you've posted. Are these songs after '99? Are there any info about them? I have both of Hollow's albums, I know that the songs have never been released on your albums.

What about a new album?
Thanks for your response,

Greetings from Greece,

Stoltz said...

All of them are after '99. I'd really like to record and release a new album but there is so much else in my life right now with kids and all. But I think there's still some music left in me!

Motherfucker said...

Yeah for sure! Beyond The Door, Deceiving Us, God Is Dead are killer songs! I think you have commons with band of Pathos (not in music of course). I have a last question for you : Is there any chance for an original copy of your demo or the MM Records cd version of "Modern Cathedral"?

Thanks in advance,