Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New year's greetings

Although I can't please anyone with new music I can still wish you a happy 2006. Hopefully this year will be rewarding to you all and one of my wishes - most of them are about the well-being of my kids and my family - is that I'll be able to spend more time writing songs.


Sebastian said...

Hey Andreas!!! I´m Sebastian from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´ve just discovered your music with Hollow´s Architect of the Mind. What can I say?.... IT´S INCREDIBLE!!!! It really sounds like pure metal music! I was a bit disapointed because a thought that the band was disarmed absolutly, but then I found your blog... and hopes are back again!!! Best wishes for this new year! Keep fighting for your music!! I'll write again soon! Don´t have much time now... Greetings!

Sebastian said...

It's me again, Sebastian from Argentina. I just want to add some words to my previous post... Apart from your musical creations, I want to
congratulate you for your decission of
continuing with Hollow without neglecting time for your kids and family. I think it is a very loyal and honorable decission, and your family must surely be proud of you!
That´s all Andreas!!! Best wishes!!