Sunday, December 02, 2007

Soundcard has arrived

The soundcard has arrived and I'm eager to test it. Rest assured you'll hear whatever comes out of it first. Probably not a song but more like some ideas I have.


Brock said...

Wow. I had no idea you were continuing this. Congratulations, dude. I'm a huge fan of Modern Cathedral and Architect of the Mind, and I thought the band collapsed after the split up.

That's awesome to hear. Keep us updated - Can't wait to hear the new material. Hope it's something like Architect... Just listened to that album for the first time in a year or so and I forgot how mindblowing it is.

Keep it up, yo

Brock said...

Also, I see you like the new Circus Maximus - that's some good stuff right there. You should check out the new 'Poverty's No Crime' album as well. keep rockin'

Anonymous said...

sitter här o lyssnar på era 2 plattor...köpte dom när det begav sig(som man säger)...
dom håller fortfarande...kanon.
inte många band som kan säga det efter nästan 10 år.
Jobba på o se till att inte släppa nått dåligt bara...tror inte det blir så ändå.
Ha de.

Stoltz said...

I really hope noone will be disappointed when some new songs reach conclusion. Your patience is amazing!

Stoltz said...

Poverty's no crime seem worth checking out. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andreas!

Very excited to see that you're still keeping at it. I listed Architect of the Mind as one of my favorite albums on my band's website (

I truly respect what you're doing, and can't wait to hear the new material. I've been waiting for a new Hollow record for a long time man!

Take good care!
Mike//Theater of the Absurd

Zonaria - Emil said...

vi behöver fler låtar :P