Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another new song - Dark Enchantress

Hello! Once again, thanks to my friend Joe's lyrics and continuing support, there's a new song out on Hollow's Myspace page. Go there and let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Both the new songs carry the style we all (the fans of Hollow) like in your music. I quite like the instrumental parts. Carry On!!!

Herrstoltz said...

Very glad to hear this! Yours and other posts really make it worthwhile writing music again. More is to come - but perhaps not as an album. But we can hope!

Anonymous said...

OMG, there should be a new album. MC & AotM are such gems. Metal deserves more releases by Hollow. I keep my fingers crossed the things will work the proper way. You know, Andreas, the Transcending Sorrow riff is among my personal top 5 metal riffs that never get out of my head. I hum it at least once every day and it gives me enegry and space to breathe because of it's unique combination of raw power and sophisticated structure.

Pär said...

Good song I think. Great that you still make some. This one was record material I think. Maybe a little minus for the first riff, which sounds a little "done before" in my opinion.

I still listen to "Architect of the Mind" and "Modern Cathedral" sometimes. Probably gonna do it soon again after this :) Oh, why am I writing in English, I'm a swede, haha! Good luck in life and with music Andreas.

Herrstoltz said...

Hi, Pär!

Since you write in english I will, too. Glad that you liked the song regardless of that first riff. Pretty tickled pink that those albums still appeal to people.

I'm working on some more songs at the moment, so visit again within a month or so.

All my best!

Anonymous said...

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joey said...

Hey Andreas, great song.I have a question,i was surfing the web and came across an interview you did in the 01-02 timeframe(cant remember the name of the interviewer)in which you discuss a new Hollow album that you did solo called "Inner Realm". I have never heard of it. Does it exist? If so tell me how i can get my hands on it. Keep up the good work man,the metal world needs you!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! So glad to hear new material. Love the two albums and I'm so glad you're still pumping out new material!! Keep up the great work, man.

Anonymous said...

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